Transform a Room in Minutes with Decorative Paint Transfers

I recently went trend spotting at the Craft and Hobby Association trade show loaded with all the latest and greats craft supplies and accessories. Now this show is pretty big with over 3000 exhibitors so you can imagine how many new craft products are offered but one new paint transfer product really caught my eye!

I actually found a new and simple alternative to decorate walls with a product called-- Instant Expressions, a collection of alphabets, phrases and motifs that appear to be hand painted. No kidding, these paint transfers will make you look like a pro! Not only is this ideal for personalizing any room in your home, you can also use the transfers an easy way to highlight family photos and “scrapbook” on the wall, as well as add special motifs and designs to most any surface in any room in the house.

Alphabets are available in several font styles from formal to casual for adding names, sayings, or personal captions. And I love the wide selection of phrases, such as “Follow your Dreams” and “Friends, Love and Laughter Always Welcome” that convey a personal touch and add a sweet sentiment to any décor.

Add-ons like motifs and mural designs come in a variety of themes under this brand that coordinate with the alphabets and will appeal to children and adults alike. I found some fun themes perfect for the boy’s and girl’s room décor which include Pirates, Racing Cars, Fairyland and Sleeping Princess. What’s so cool about this new product is that each design appears to be hand painted, but are actually paint transfers, taking on the wall surface texture. It also uses a simple three step application that’s as easy as press, wet and peel. Now anyone can do it themselves!

While walls are among the most popular surfaces to decorate, consider using these transfers to enhance anything with “hand painted” designs including furniture, floors, accessories and ceilings. Fade resistant and ultra durable, designs are permanent and secure until one decides to remove by simply painting over.

Image credit: Plaid Enterprise—Instant Expressions