Keep Birds and Pests Out of Your Attic Vent

A gable vent and three windows on a stucco house.
  • 1-4 hours
  • Beginner
  • 1-200

An essential aspect of attic vents that is often overlooked is how to keep birds and pests out of them. You understandably want to circulate as much air as possible to protect your house against extreme temperatures and moisture. However, by creating an opening, you also create a potential passage for unwanted guests. This article covers some dos and don'ts for when you're trying to keep your attic vents clear of pests.

What Not to Do

The biggest error you could make is to place poison. Although there are some poisons designed especially for vents, general poisons will make things worse, not better. If you have poison near the vent, the air can easily carry that poison into the attic and spread the toxins all over. So, instead of dealing with the pests, you have just created a health hazard.

What to Do

The best method of clearing out a passageway for pests, without impeding the flow of air into your attic, is simply using a screen. This is such an effective, common-sense solution that many attic vents have built-in screens. Don't make the mistake of installing a screen and forgetting about the attic, though. Check every once in a while to ensure the screen has not been chewed through.