Keep Bugs and Disease off Your Bird of Paradise

There are not many pests or diseases common to the bird of paradise. However, like all plants, this beautiful flower requires care and maintenance to prevent parasitic invaders.

Inspect Your Plants Regularly

Check you bird of paradise plants for visible bugs or damage. You may see an aphid or caterpillar. Be sure to dispose of them. The leaves might look eaten. Use an organic remedy for these pests.

Leaf Scale and Bugs

Leaf scale, and mealy bugs, will show on the leaves. Scale will show small brown scales on the underside of the leaf and on steams. Mealy bugs will look like fuzzy white patches on the surface of the leaves. Remove signs of either with rubbing alcohol or a systematic insecticide.

Root Rot

Root rot will make the whole plant wilt quickly and bottom most leaves will die off. Prevent root rot by making sure the soil is good and don't over water. Make sure it is in a well drained area. Don't leave in standing water and let it dry out before the next watering.

With the correct watering, good drainage and rich soil, your bird of paradise will last for many years.