Keep Cats and Critters Out of Your Flower Bed

What You'll Need
Tin foil
Stakes and nails
Safe plants including lavender and lemon thyme
Ground covering like mulch, bark or cedar chips
Chicken wire
Strong smelling soaps and/or bath oil
Cayenne Pepper
Bacon grease

Cats and other critters are cute, but not when they hang out in your flower bed. There are simple ways to keep cats and critters out of your flower bed throughout the year.

Many four-legged animals including rabbits, raccoons, squirrels and cats may find your flower beds a great place to bury their food or toys, as well as use them as litter boxes. Making sure that these creatures stay out of your roses is a lot easier and safer than you might think. By using natural products and other methods such as elevating your beds, to rid them of critters is not only good for them, but also the environment.

Good-bye, Cats

Some felines like to use the outside as their personal litter boxes especially flower beds. There are several ways to keep cats away such as rolling small pieces of tin foil into balls and placing them around the beds. Cats hate the feel of the aluminum foil on their paws. Also, try planting such safe plants as lavender and lemon thyme to keep cats away. Cats also do not like to walk on mulch, bark or anything else other than something soft like fresh potting soil.

Rabbits, No More

An effective way to keep rabbits and bunnies from spending time eating your vegetables in your garden and/or your beautiful flowers, try pouring some bacon grease on the edges of the beds. They hate the smell and will turn and run away. Rabbits also do not like the smell of mothballs, so you can buy a box at your local supermarket or home improvement store and sprinkle them throughout.

No Raccoons

Raccoons can be terrible pests in vegetable gardens and flower beds. One way to keep them at a distance is to sprinkle cayenne pepper on the soil and the plants. They also do not like the feel or glistening of tin foil.

Deer Be Gone

If you live in a climate where deer often pay a visit to your flower beds or garden, try putting up a strong-smelling bar of soap. Carefully hammer a nail through the bar and tack it up on a stake on each side of the garden. The stronger smelling soap scent, the better. Also try spraying old rags with strong smelling bath oil and tack it up, too.

Many Marigolds

Over the years, some horticulturists and gardeners have reported that by planting marigolds in your flower beds and garden will also keep many small critters away. Many homeowners plant marigolds annually around their gardens and flowers beds when spring time hits.


Last but not least, installing any sort of fence can also possibly keep cats and other small critters from making your flower beds and garden their personal play areas. Chicken wire can also be used to keep animals from entering and might be less costly than installing an entire fence.

In the end, keeping your garden and flower beds looking their best is key; however, not harming any of the outdoor animals is equally as important. Try these natural methods to keep all happy and safe.