Keep Frosted Glass Doors Stain-Free

Frosted glass doors can easily be created by using a frosted glass finisher. These products spray a translucent film coating on the glass that prevents people from seeing in, but still allows light to come through.

Frosted Glass Finishers are Stain Resistant

Finished frosted glass is highly resistant to stains and doesn’t pick up fingerprints the way normal glass does. This makes them very easy to care for. The frosted glass doors can be cleaned with a soft cloth and any ammonia-based cleaner.

How to Apply a Frosted Glass Finisher

The first step is to clean and dry the door thoroughly. Use newspaper to protect your work area against spills. Spray a light film of the finisher on the glass and allow it to dry. Check to see if the door looks the way you want it to, and reapply the finisher if necessary. Once you have reached the desired effect, allow the finish to dry completely.