Keep Laminate Shelving From Bending Over Time

Laminate shelving is definitely the way to go if you are looking for an inexpensive option for your storage or shelving needs. But one of the drawbacks of laminate shelving is that it has a tendency to bend over time.

How to Prevent Bending
Laminate shelving is not intended to hold heavy items like stacks of books or heavy boxes of materials. Over time, weighty objects will cause the shelf to sag in the middle. While the shelves are not likely break, the bend can become permanent.

To relieve weight issues, place heavier items on the ends of shelves rather than in the center, and do not leave them on the shelves over long periods of time (more than a few days or a week at most). 

Another solution is to create a supporting structure by placing the laminate shelves on top of wood or metal inserts. This will provide you with a stronger shelf that is still less expensive than metal or wood shelving.

With proper care you will get years of service from your laminate shelving.