Keep Your Linen Closet Smelling Fresh and Clean

A linen closet with folded towels.

To keep your linen closet smelling fresh and clean, consider using linens sprays, sachets, and other fragrance neutralizers or enhancers. Linen closets often harbor a cupboard smell that can linger on the sheets and towels being stored and then travel with the linens into the bedroom and bathroom. Here are several cost-effective ways to keep your sheets and towels as fresh as those you would find in a spa or fine hotel.

Linen Spray

Linen spray is sold at many linen-themed stores. It comes in a bottle much like a spray perfume and it is available in many scents. To keep your linens smelling fresh, simply mist your linen closet once a week. The smell does wear off eventually, so you may want to reapply right before making up the bed. With linen spray, you can freshen the scent even after the sheets have been on your bed for a while. Just spray after you get up in the morning and when you crawl between the sheets at night the scent will greet you.


A sachet is simply a small bag filled with either potpourri or powder to fragrance a drawer or closet. While sachets are sold at the same type of stores as a linen spray, it may be easier to just make your own. Powders from the perfume counter or fresh potpourri or herbs make fragrant fillers. To make your sachet, sew two pieces of fabric together, much like you would a pillow, only smaller. The bag only needs to be 2x2 inches. Leave one end open and fill it with the powder or potpourri, then sew it up and set it on the shelves in your linen closet. Make one for each shelf to carry the scent throughout. Replace them every one to two months to keep the scent going.

Dryer Sheets

A linen closet.

Another cost-effective way to freshen up the smell of the closet is to set your dryer sheets (or fabric softener sheets) on the shelves. Place one in between every one of your towels and sheets. You can even buy an extra box and keep it on the top shelf. The sheets already have that scent from being washed in it, this will just make the smell last longer until you finally take the sheets or towels out to use them.

Store Extra Candles

If there is a candle scent you love, buy extras and store them in your linen closet. The scent will linger on the sheets and towels in the cabinet.

Whatever method you decide to go with, stick with the same scent throughout the linen closet. Too many scents may combine into something confusing or unpleasant. Each of these options will only run you about $10, money well spent when you sink into great smelling sheets or wrap yourself in fresh towels at the end of the day.