Keep Your Teak Deck Squeaky Clean

Using a teak deck is a beautiful addition to any home. Teak is a very delicate wood, unlike other commonly used wood. Teak has a rich appearance, and if maintained properly will continue to provide joy to you for many years.


Many people like to use an oil based product to seal their decks once a year. On teak however, this is not advised. Teak is naturally a very oily wood. In fact, you should try to keep a handle on the natural oils produced and not add more to it.


Most commercial deck cleaners will harm a teak deck. The wood just can’t handle the harsh and sometimes abrasive chemicals. The best method to clean the deck is to simply rinse it off using a common harden hose. Since the wood tends to be softer, using a power washer is also not recommended.
If you do need to use more than just water, try a very mild dish detergent with a cotton mop. Be sure to rinse the area thoroughly after mopping so the soap won’t dry in to the wood.

Avoid Scrubbing

Scrubbing can actually remove layers of teak as you scrub. If you have an area that needs a more thorough cleaning than what you can accomplish with the garden hose, then you should first try a soft kitchen sponge. If that doesn’t work, you can find soft cleaning pads that are non abrasive.