Keeping a Chainsaw Chain Clean

Every time you use your chainsaw the chain gets dirty with a mixture of dirt, chain lubricant, sawdust and sap or resin from the wood of a log or tree. Most the time, using a heavy-duty chainsaw brush will remove much of the dirt and debris from your chainsaw and it will continue to function properly. However, on occasion you should remove the chain and clean it thoroughly to ensure clean cuts and add life to your chain.

How to Clean Your Chainsaw Chain

Before you get started, grab a plastic bucket and add some household ammonia to about 1 gallon of water. To clean the chain on your chainsaw, make sure the saw is turned off and adjust the knob that loosens or tightens the slack of the chain. Loosen the slack completely and slide the chain off the guide bar to remove the chain.

After you remove the chain, soak chain in the mixture for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then remove the chain and scrub each section with a hardened bristle brush. Afterwards, rinse the chain thoroughly with a water hose or under a faucet. Allow the chain to dry and reinstall it on your saw. Finally, you should use chainsaw lubricant to thoroughly lubricated the chain.