Keeping Bypass Closet Doors On-Track - Troubleshooting Tips

hands attaching mount for bypass closet door track

Bypass closet doors are ideal for smaller rooms as they don't take up any space in the interior of the room. To keep a bypass door sliding properly, you should periodically check the track and caster to make sure that everything is working correctly.

In case of problems, take the simple steps to get the door back in sliding condition.

The Track

Make sure that the door is actually on the track. If it is improperly positioned, the door will not move along when you pull the door. Simply lift the door back into the track when it becomes dislodged.

Check the track for any loose debris that could be causing it to stop along the way, like power cords or shoelaces. Use a screwdriver to slide along the areas that you can’t see to make sure that you have removed all of the debris from the track.

Check to be sure that all parts of the track are straight and that the door is not being stopped by a dent or bend. Use a hammer to straighten out any dents.

The Casters

If the track is clear and your bypass closet doors are still not sliding along properly, check the caster. Use tweezers to remove any hair, dust, or other debris that is causing the door to malfunction. Spray a little WD-40 on the caster to help it roll more smoothly.

The Door

Due to wear over time, your door may begin to hang lower. This will cause the door to get stuck when you are sliding it open or closed. Tighten up the screw at the top of the door while lifting it back into place.

Preventative Maintenance

Ensure that dust and debris don't build up on the door track by regularly sweeping it with the crevice tool on your vacuum.