Keeping Feng Shui in Mind When Designing a New Home

Feng shui refers to the concept of designing a home in a way that it emanates a positive energy and harmony. This can be gained through comfortable settings, relaxing atmospheres and a pleasant welcoming feeling. These are all aspects which are much desired in any home. Hence it is a good idea to keep in mind how to manage to produce such positive feelings when planning the design of our home.

The Front Entrance

It is suggested that the front entrance is given importance since after all it makes up the first view of the home and the primary impression to anyone visiting. A welcoming look is suggested. This can be achieved by making up a nice pathway which evokes a positive, hospitable feeling while one is approaching the home.

The Ceilings

It is best to have high ceilings which provide a nice feeling when entering a room. One should also take into consideration the lights to be installed from the ceiling as these will have a great impact on the whole room. It is best to have well-lit rooms. This will emanate radiance, glow and vivacity.

The Color Schemes

One crucial aspect to consider is the color schemes selected in each room of the house. The color of the room will have an effect on its look as a room and on the mood of who enters it and spends time in it. It is always better to have bright colors or light shades rather than dark colors.

The Layout

The layout of the rooms is also very important and needs to be planned out well. It is best to avoid clutter and small spaces. Open areas, a clean linear layout and an overall harmonious setting which evoke a feeling of good planning and arrangement are always suggested. The way rooms make you feel is very important. One has to feel at ease and comfortable. If not, then there is something wrong with the room and it should be enhanced. Creating a good balance is very important when designing a home on Feng Shiu concepts. A compass or the Ba-Gua which is a chart with an octagonal pattern can be used to find the best placement of rooms.

The Lighting

Lighting should be well planned since it has a direct impact on the person who is in the particular room. One should have the opportunity to choose how to set the lighting from dim to bright accordingly. Hence dimmer switches should be installed. Candles should also be present in certain rooms, especially in bedrooms.

Pictures and Views

Pictures, wall hangings and images should be well chosen. It is best to select pleasant scenes and enjoyable landscapes. Do not hang pictures showing very dark colors or sad looking characters. Furthermore make sure to place more importance on pictures and wall hangings in the house if you do not have a nice natural scenery or landscape outside the house. It is always suggested to choose a house with pleasant views, ideally featuring water and nature.

Try to put into practice these tips to achieve a welcoming feeling in your own home.