Keeping Pesky Insects out of the Flower Bed

A flower bed is a way to relax and put your green thumb to use. Flower beds make wonderful seating areas, or just places to hang out when the blossoms are in full display. Flowers are very pleasing to the eye, give tremendous curb appeal to your home, and can have therapeutic effects. Even the neighbors benefit from the colors that are produced by your wonderful flower beds.

One of the big problems with flower beds, however, is the pesky little insects that will come around to feast on your carefully tended flowers. These insects can range from small microscopic in size to larger than your thumb and beyond. However, one thing is common in them all: they can destroy your flower bed.

Pest Control

Controlling the pests that come around your flowers must be done for the health of the plants. One of the things to remember about pest control is that not all insects are bad. Some of the insects are naturally good for the plants, and will even feed on the other insects that are invading. Before doing any type of pest control in your flower beds, make sure that you do a little research into the beneficial insects.

Prune Flowers

The easiest way to get rid of the insects in your flower bed is to simply prune back the flowers that are there. Use shears and cut back the blossoms, stems, and leaves. Doing this in the spring will not only help your plant grow stronger, but will negate any area where the insects can hide.

Keep Eye on Watering

The time you water your flower beds will have a big impact on controlling the insects in them. If you water your plants at random times during the day you will be inviting the bugs to feed on your flowers. Water only in the morning hours to give the flowers time to dry off before the mid morning sun. Bugs love a moist environment. Taking that away will keep the insects down.

Use Seaweed in Mulch

Some of the ground crawling bugs like slugs can be a pest that is rather hard to get rid of. Using some seaweed in your mulch will help to repel these bugs. The seaweed also has rich nutrients that will help the plants grow healthier.

Mix Your Plants up

Some insects are very flower specific. One of the methods of garden pest control is to mix up the flowers in your flower bed. Plant several varieties together, not only for pest control, but also for the great arrangement and colors of blooms.

Keep Ground Loose

One of the most valuable tools you can have as a gardener is a small hand rake. With this you should be regularly "turning" the soil in order to keep it loose and aerated. Mix up the mulch too, and replace it at least once a month to remove the rotting pieces.