Keeping Sandstone Tile Clean

Sandstone tile is a great option for adding elegance and style to a room if it's kept clean and well maintained. Here are some tips for keeping your sandstone tile looking new.

Use Sealer Friendly Cleaner

Every couple of years, the sealer on the sandstone tile can begin to breakdown because of use. When cleaning your tile use a sealer friendly cleaner that has been specially formulated not to harm the tile sealant.

Clean Grout as Well as Tile

Many times people will just clean the tile with some water and soap with a mop. To keep your sandstone tile looking new, you will have to also clean the grout with special tile and grout cleaner.

Polish After Cleaning

Regular cleaning of the sandstone tile can dull the shine of the tile after awhile. After every other cleaning you can polish the tile with some wax and an electric buffer, or a soft cloth.

Reapply Sealer

After a few years you will have to reseal the tile to protect it from deeper stains. After removing the sealer with a sealer remover, then clean the tiles with warm water and soap and rinse floor thoroughly, apply sealant evenly over entire floor.