Keeping Squirrels from Eating Your Apple Trees

Squirrels can be all but impossible to keep out of apple trees. There are a variety of time-honored repellents, baffles, nets and tricks to keep them out of trees. Some work, some don't. But many gardeners swear by the use of combination methods, including repellents, noise, odor, baffles and netting. Starting your squirrel deterrent efforts early in the season and continuing them long after your apples have been harvested can have better results than waiting to see if you have a problem.

Tips for Keeping Squirrels from Eating Your Apple Trees

  • Spray apples with a hot pepper sauce mixture once the fruit begins to come in. Use a garden hose and fertilizer attachment to mix and disperse the mixture
  • Use predator urine (coyote) available from commercial vendors around and on your trees
  • Erect squirrel baffles around the base of your apple trees using cat-fence containment systems designed to keep cats in or out of yards
  • Use sheet metal to create a baffle around tree trunks in a cone shape so squirrels slide off
  • Cut back all limbs and trees near your apple trees so squirrels can't leap from one to the other
  • Put wire baffles on any electrical wires leading near or over your apple trees (check with utility company to see how to do this safely)