Keeping The Bath Tub Drain Unclogged And Clean

a clean bathtub drain

A slow draining and clogged bath tub drain is among the most common household problems. A clogged drain results in standing water, which distributes hair and soap scum around the entire bath tub. In addition, a clogged drain creates a higher likelihood for mildew, and an unpleasant environment to attempt to cleanse in.

There are three preventative actions one can take to preserve an unclogged bath tub drain and a clean bathroom. The following list provides three tips and ideas you can use to combat clogs in the bathroom.

Maintain an Unclogged Drain With Prevention

Visually inspect the drain in your bathroom before and after each time you shower or bathe. If there is anything obstructing the drain, you can use a wad of toilet paper to hygienically remove it. Simply grab a wad of toilet paper, at least fifteen sheets long, and crumple it into the palm of your hand. Use your hand to sandwich the debris into the toilet paper and then flush it down the toilet. This step keeps body hair, and other drain-clogging items, from accumulating underneath the drain cover.

Drain Cleaning Products

Buy and install a drain screen. The screen will trap any debris, soap scum, and hair from transforming into a clog. Drain screens are easy to install and provide a barrier between the plumbing of your shower and the debris which plugs it up. Bear in mind that the drain screen must be cleaned often for it to be an effective combatant. Otherwise, it may become the source of the clogged drain itself.

Boiling Water

Get into the habit of pouring at least two gallons of pure, boiling water down your drain each week. This practice will benefit your bath tub and drainage system greatly. The water cleanses and steams the sides of the plumbing pipes that connect to the drain. If you get in the habit of regularly cleansing your drain with boiling water, you will notice a better-working shower. Water flushes out all of the debris that may be stuck to the sides of the pipes.

Clogged Bathroom Drains Require Extra Work

If all else fails, there are many chemical solutions you can use to clean out your drains. As a home remedy, a combination of baking soda followed by vinegar will help disintegrate any debris caught in the drain.

Simply pour half of a box of baking soda down the drain and wait several minutes before pouring at least two cups of white vinegar down after it. Let this mixture bubble and clean the drain for at least five minutes, but no longer than fifteen. It is important to thoroughly flush your pipes after letting the vinegar and baking soda do its job. Run the shower for several minutes to ensure that the chemical reaction has ceased and is no longer in your plumbing system. The baking soda and vinegar trick can be repeated up to three times to combat plugged or slow draining drains.