Keeping Your Outdoor Slate Tile Clean

  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 5
What You'll Need
Scrubbing brush
Warm water

Outdoor slate tile is used a lot for decks or patios. This is mainly because of its durability. Since the tiles are in an outdoor atmosphere, it can tend to get dirty quickly. Anything from dirt, dust, food, or pollen can make the outdoor slate look old and dull. Cleaning outdoor slate tile needs to be done with care. Harsh cleansers can harm the plants or animals if not used appropriately. It is recommended to use mild cleansers.

Clean With Bleach and Water

You can clean the outdoor slate tiles with bleach and water for a bright new look. It may be best to use hot water. There are bleach alternatives that can be used on the tiles also. Either way, the same effect is given.

Scrub the Slate Tile

As a safety precaution, you should wear old clothes before handling cleaning substances such as bleach, since any splattering on your clothing will instantly burn them. You also must wear eye protection to avoid getting some in your eyes. Since this is outdoor slate tiles, the best way to clean this will be to pour some of the bleach and water solution on the tiles to soak the area a bit. If you have a push broom or a large scrub brush, scrub the area thoroughly. Do this on the entire slate tile surface until it is clean. If you have a water hose, use it to rinse the tiled area.