A kerf is the distance of material a saw blade takes out as it cuts. For most home projects, a kerf is too insignificant to measure it out, but some projects that need to be very precise will need the measurement for the kerf. If you are in need of this information, there is a very easy way to tell exactly what your saw's kerf is.

  • Take a piece of scrap wood and measure it to its exact length. You may need to get an extra accurate tape measure so you will be able to see the slight difference.
  • Cut the piece of wood in half with the saw.
  • Put the two pieces of wood back together and measure them again. There should be a very slight loss due to the cut.

How to Have a Very Small Kerf

If you are working on a precise project you may have to invest in thinner blades. Obviously the thinner the blade, the smaller the kerf. The one downside to needing a thin blade is that they are naturally less strong than larger blades. The smallest cuts possible are made from wire and super thin blades with synthetic diamond teeth.