Key Lime Trees (Citrus Aurantifolia): Why Pruning Matters

Citrus aurantifolia, or Key Lime Trees, are ideal plants for homes and small spaces. Dwarf key lime trees are known for their attractive appearance and sweet fragrance. It is important for you to prune your key lime tree not only for its appearance, but to enhance its growth.

Shoots develop below the graft line of the tree or directly under the soil. These shoots, also known as suckers, absorb nutrients away from the main stem of the plant. If left to develop, these shoots can ultimately ruin the main plant.

Pruning your Citrus aurantifolia will also boost its ability to bear fruits. Cutting out damaged or diseased branches, you encourage the growth of healthier ones to bear fruit. Pruning away unnecessary branches also improves the flow of air and sunlight into the inner parts of the tree. For this reason, fruits will ripen perfectly and with a more attractive appearance.