Kidde Alarm

Providing both carbon monoxide and smoke and fire alarms, the Kidde alarm product lineup features a wide selection of long-lasting and reliable safety devices ideal for homes and small offices. Smoke and fire alarms are mandatory in public buildings as well as rented and leased homes. Even when not required by law, homeowners should have one installed on every level of the house. Carbon monoxide alarms offer another level of protection from a very real hazard. Homes with a natural gas connection have a need for a CO monitor/alarm to quickly detect the presence of a leak.

Kidde Smoke and Fire Alarms

Kidde smoke and fire alarms come in 3 basic varieties: DC or battery powered, AC or plug-in models and wireless units. Kidde offers both ionization and photoelectric smoke and fire alarms. Ionization alarms are effective at sensing invisible fire particles, while photoelectric sensors detect visible particles. It is recommended that a variety of both types be employed in the home. Battery-powered smoke alarms will function even in a power outage, yet the batteries must be replaced from time to time. However, they can be mounted anywhere.

AC-powered alarms have the advantage of wiring into the home's circuitry. When interconnected, if one alarm goes off, they all do. Wire-in alarms also feature a backup battery for power failures. Wireless smoke alarms offer an innovative approach to fire detection and come in both battery-powered and wire-in varieties.

Kidde Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Carbon monoxide alarms or detectors from Kidde are available as well in DC-, AC- and wire-in varieties. Featuring Kidde's patented Nighthawk electrochemical sensor, CO detectors are designed to constantly monitor the house for the presence of carbon monoxide. With a 7-year life, Kidde carbon monoxide alarms feature either a dual-LED indicator or a digital display. Other features include an end-of-life alarm, tamper resist alert, peak level indicator and an easy-to-use test/reset button to check the power status.