Kidde Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Powered by electrochemical sensing technology, a Kidde carbon monoxide alarm may prove to be a true lifesaver in your home if ever a natural gas line were to rupture. Kidde offers a number of different CO alarms including basic models and their patented Nighthawk alarm. Available from this manufacturer are both battery- and AC-powered alarms. Battery-powered CO detectors have the advantage of continuing to function in the event of a power outage, although the batteries must be changed from time to time. AC-powered CO alarms plug right in to the wall which is more convenient, but they'll cease to function if the power goes out.

Kidde Carbon Monoxide Alarm Options

If you opt for AC-powered carbon monoxide alarms, you might choose one of the Kidde models with a battery backup. This ensures the CO alarm will function even without central power to the home. Kidde offers their distinct Nighthawk CO alarms in both DC and AC varieties. Certain Nighthawk CO alarms feature dual LED indicators, test/reset button and end-of-life alarm. More advanced models feature the same plus a digital display, peak level button and tamper-resist alert.


Kidde carbon monoxide alarms are durable and very reliable. Offering 40 percent longer life than competing CO alarms, Kidde products are easy to install to quickly equip your home with carbon monoxide detectability. With a 7-year life, Kidde carbon monoxide alarms provide long-lasting protection.