Kidde Monoxide Alarm

Installing a Kidde carbon monoxide alarm or several throughout your home is a wise decision if it features natural gas heat, air conditioning or appliances. The dangers of a carbon monoxide leak are potent and all the more hazardous given that they are sometimes hard to immediately detect. Kidde carbon monoxide alarms are designed with an electrochemical sensor that picks up the presence of any amount of CO in the home's atmosphere. Having a Kidde alarm in place could mean the difference between a quick evacuation and a disaster.

Power Source

Kidde CO alarms are available in a number of models, powered by batteries as well as 120-volt AC power. Battery-powered units run on 3 AAA batteries, while plug-in alarms run off the home's power but feature a backup 9-volt battery in case the power goes out. Kidde carbon monoxide alarms are built to last 7 years, up to 40 percent longer than the competition. Kidde offers a 5- or 7-year warranty on its carbon monoxide alarms.


Standard Kidde CO alarms feature a test/reset button to check the circuit and horn. Some models feature a digital display that shows an updated carbon monoxide reading every 15 seconds, a peak level button, a tamper resist alarm and an end-of-life alarm. Other units feature dual LED indicators.