Kidde Nighthawk Alarm

A Kidde Nighthawk alarm is a leading carbon monoxide detector/alarm offered by one of the most trusted names in the industry. With their 7-year life, Kidde Nighthawk alarms last up to 40 percent longer than competing products, providing your family with reliable protection from a CO leak. Small and sleek, Nighthawk alarms are available in standard and advanced models and are powered by either 3 AAA batteries or plug-in AC power. Plug-in Nighthawk alarms feature a 9-volt battery to be used as a power backup in case of a power failure.

Standard Nighthawk Alarms

The basic Kidde Nighthawk alarm, whether battery powered or plugged in, features a 2-LED indication setup. Green means that power is flowing and operation is normal. Red means the alarm has detected the presence of carbon monoxide. The test/reset button feature lets you quickly test the circuit for power and immediately reset it to silence it. Finally, the end of life alarm indicates when it is time to replace the Nighthawk CO sensor.

Advanced Model

Possessing the same features as the basic Kidde Nighthawk alarm, the advanced model also features a digital display which shows the CO level detected, updating every 15 seconds. It also includes a tamper resist alert feature and a peak level button showing the last recorded carbon monoxide level.