Kidde Nighthawk Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Available in battery-powered as well as plug-in and combo units, a Kidde Nighthawk carbon monoxide alarm is a powerfully effective means of protecting your family from the hazards of carbon monoxide leaks in the home. With their 7-year life, Kidde Nighthawk carbon monoxide alarms last up to 40 percent longer than competing products. Several different models are available including basic models and those with digital display and added features.

Battery-Powered Nighthawk Alarms

One CO alarm option is a battery-powered model. Benefits of this type include its ability to function even in a power outage and a versatile installation. No power outlet is required, so it can be installed anywhere in the home. Basic battery-powered Nighthawk CO alarms feature 2 LED indicators, red for alarm mode and green for normal operation. A test/reset button lets you check the power and reset it, while the end-of-life alarm tells you when to replace the unit.

Plug-In Nighthawk Alarms

Plug-in carbon monoxide alarms run on standard 120-volt AC power but feature a 9-volt battery backup in case of power failure. Kidde's advanced Nighthawk plug-in carbon monoxide alarm features dual LED indicators, end-of-life alarm and test/reset button like the basic model, but it also features a digital display, tamper resist alert and peak level button that tells you the last recorded carbon monoxide level detected.