Kids' Bed Slide Setup Step-by-Step

Lead Image
  • 2 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 100
What You'll Need
Power drill
Measuring tape
4 inch bolts, washers and nuts
Wood screws
2x4 inch wood
Pre-fabricated plastic slide

A kids bed slide is one way that parents can make going to bed fun and enjoyable for both children and adults. Put a slide on a child’s bunk bed or loft bed for an exciting and fun addition to a kid’s room.

Step 1 - Measure

Measure the size of your child’s room and space you will have for a slide. Be sure there is enough area between the bed and the wall to allow for the drop of a slide. Measure the height of the bed or loft. Make note of whether or not the bed can be adjusted to different heights to accommodate different slides.

Step 2 - Buy a Slide

Preformed plastic slides are the safest option for use in a child’s room. Purchase a slide at a home improvement store or recreational equipment supply store. These slides come in a variety of lengths and configurations. Be sure to buy the height of slide that will fit your child’s bed.

Step 3 - Adjust Height

Make adjustments to the bed height, if needed. If you have a wooden bed, you can build up extra height by adding lengths of 2x4 as needed.

Use a drill to make holes for the bolts. Bolt the wood pieces securely to the bed frame.

To attach a slide to a metal frame bed, you will need to bolt a piece of 2x4 lumber to the bed. Use a metal bit to drill through the frame under the mattress. Do not try to install a slide attached to a round metal pole.

Step 4 - Install

Install the slide according to the manufacturer's directions. Generally speaking, you will use two smooth headed bolts at the top of the slide. Drill through the 2x4 to attach the bolts. Tighten securely underneath the slide.

Step 5 - Secure

Secure the slide to the floor with 2-inch wood screws. This will cause minimal damage to carpets and it is necessary for the safety of your child.

Step 6 - Test

Apply pressure to the slide to ensure that it is secure. Instruct your child to use proper safety precautions.