Kids Wooden Chair: 6 Paint Ideas

There are endless clever ways to paint a kids wooden chair. Inspiration usually comes from your child's interests. This article will give you 6 ideas for how to paint a kids wooden chair for a boy or a girl.

Getting Supplies You Will Need

You want to begin any paint project getting supplies together. Visit your local paint or craft store for these items. Items such as acrylic paint for a base coat that will be a good contrast for the feature items on your chair. Other items to consider are paint brushes, sponges, stencils, and decals may be needed creating a kids chair they'll love.

6 Decorative Paint Ideas For a Boy or a Girl

  1. Jungle themes are always a winner for any age, boy or girl.
  2. Stenciling of a child's favorite animal can be a popular idea to paint a kids chair.
  3. Theme Parks are an exciting theme to use.
  4. Painting the moon and stars on a chair is a good idea and is easy to paint.
  5. Music is always in a child's interest. Paint musical notes all over the chair for a whimsical, festive idea.
  6. Cartoon or movie characters strike any kids fancy. Some examples of this are Toy Story, Spider-Man, Thomas the Train, Cinderella, Hello Kitty, or Barbie.

Painting a kids wooden chair is the perfect project to interact creatively with your child. Let them help pick the design idea and let them help you pick colors. Then its up to you to create it. Have fun.