Killing Bed Bugs on Pets

What You'll Need
Grooming supplies (scissors, brushes)
Anti-parasite shampoo
Washer with a "hot" setting
High powered vacuum

Killing bed bugs in your home typically relies upon the use of powerful pesticides and other chemical treatments. While these methods of eliminating bed bugs are very helpful at ridding your house of these pests, the chemicals that they involve are generally harmful to both human beings and to pets as well. If you have bed bugs in your home and on your pet's bodies, you'll need to find another way of eliminating this issue. Read on for a brief guide on how to best get rid of bed bugs in your home when the bugs have infested your pets.

Step 1 - Clean Your Pet

Clean your pet. Bed bugs cannot live on your pet's body in the same way that fleas do, and most bugs will be eliminated from your pet's body with a thorough cleaning. You do have to be careful about your pet transporting bugs throughout different parts of your home, however. Take your pet outside and groom him carefully. Cut off any long hair that might be a good place for bed bugs to get caught. Brush your pet over his entire body vigorously. Make sure to do this well away from your home.

Step 2 - Bathe Your Pet

Many anti-parasite shampoos can help to eliminate bed bugs and their eggs as well. After you've groomed your pet, take him to be bathed. You can do this inside of your bathtub, or outside in a large basin or pool. Wash your pet thoroughly with the shampoo, being careful not to get any of the substance in his eyes, mouth, or ears.

Step 3 - Clean Your Pet's Products

Because your pet's cage and other items around the home may have bedbugs in them, you should then clean these items thoroughly. Take any cloth or fabric items that your pet is in contact with regularly, including bedding and blankets, towels and other items, and wash them for 60 minutes on the hottest setting that your washer will provide.

Step 4 - Vacuum Thoroughly

Vacuum the area around where your pet lives quickly after you've done the first part of this treatment process. This will help to ensure that you collect any bed bug eggs that may be in the area, which will in turn help to prevent further outbreaks of these pests.

As an alternative treatment, there are also all-natural bed bug treatment products that can help to eliminate bed bugs from your home and your pets. Be careful that you do not choose any product which contains pyrethrins or other chemicals that may prove to be harmful to either you or to your pet. If you do have to use these items, be sure that you've thoroughly removed them from the environment before you allow your pet to return to his home.