Kitchen Cabinet Refacing vs Kitchen Cabinet Replacing

In the event that your kitchen is beginning to look tired but remains in good working order, it is prudent to consider kitchen cabinet refacing rather than replacing it in order to save money. By being aware of what both options entail, you can choose the one best suited to you.


The amount of work required will vary greatly according to which option is chosen, with kitchen cabinet refacing being the cheapest of the two as it requires less work to complete. You may be reluctant to complete a kitchen replacement without assistance due to the amount of construction involved, while the process of refacing the kitchen cabinets is much easier to achieve by yourself. This will allow you to save money while completing the job quicker.

Work Required  

In order to complete a full kitchen refurbishment, it will be necessary to remove all aspects of the existing furnishings. Not only will this create in a significant amount of work, but it will also result in a lot of waste that will need to be discarded. Kitchen cabinet refacing will allow you to leave the main body of the box units in place while you reface the fronts. The amount of work that the refacing process requires depends on the process used.

The most basic process will involve changing the color and finish of the existing surface, using specialist tools to create a wood grain effect if desired. After cleaning the door and drawer fronts and rectifying any defects, a paint that is appropriate to the material can be applied.

Alternatively, the doors and drawer fronts that make up part of the kitchen cabinets can be removed and replaced to give the kitchen an entirely different look. In order to do this, you must begin by measuring the dimensions of the existing door front and making a note of the resulting dimensions. It is prudent to do in a systematic manner, such as from left to right and top to bottom, so that you know which measurement relates to which cabinet.    


In addition to the cost of labor, there are a great many materials that are required to undertake a refurbishment project. All of these must be taken into account in order to calculate what the entire outlay will be to complete the job. There is a limited amount of equipment required to undertake kitchen refacing and the cost will depend on the process chosen. Changing the façade of kitchen cabinets with paint will not cost more than a few hundred dollars. Kitchen cabinet refacing will cost closer to a few thousand dollars and this varies according to the size of the kitchen. The cost of new fronts will often be per piece, but sometimes  will be charged by measurement.  


The process of refurbishing an entire kitchen can leave the room out of commission for over a week, or longer depending on the size of the room and the number of cabinets to be replaced. No matter what process of kitchen cabinet refacing is used, it is possible to complete it within a few days.