Kitchen Cabinetry

Kitchen cabinetry is used to facilitate storage of cookware, dishes, foodstuffs and more. It comes in a large variety of colors, sizes, styles and wood.

Styles of kitchen cabinetry

The styles of kitchen cabinetry are very extensive. Some of the most common choices include:

  • Formal country style kitchen cabinetry, which are normally quite simple by design;
  • Causal country kitchen cabinetry, which is generally rustic or distressed in appearance;
  • European, which tends to involve the use of full overlay doors concealing most of the cabinet frame or box;
  • Contemporary, which uses such materials as plastic laminates, wood veneers, enamels, lacquers or metal foil laminate for the kitchen cabinet facing.

Types of wood for kitchen cabinetry

Kitchen cabinetry also comes constructed in a wide variety of wood. Each of the most common styles of wood are selected by homeowners and designers based on such factors as appearance, grain, durability and pricing. Some typical woods used in kitchen cabinetry include:

  • Pine, which has a white to yellow look in its raw form;
  • Oak, which can be a light to dark brown in natural color and is known for its strength and sturdiness;
  • Cherry, which has a natural red colored hue and distinct look when properly stained;
  • Maple, which is one of the more expensive options and is white in its raw form.