Kitchen Cabinets: Ideas for Organization

When considering kitchen cabinets, ideas for organization are bountiful. In fact, there are hundreds of ways to organize your kitchen cabinets. The key is to choose an organizational style that saves you time and money. Consider the following four options for organizing your kitchen cabinets.

Labels, Labels and More Labels

If you have a large family, labels may be the best way to organize your kitchen. Instead of assuming that everyone knows where everything goes, make sure it is very clear. Label your dish cabinets so children know where to put clean dishes. Label the snack cabinet so that groceries are put away correctly. You may even want to label the silverware drawer to ensure spoons and forks end up in the correct space.

Use Clear Tubs

Clear Rubbermaid tubs can make organization simple. Use different tubs to separate different types of food or kitchen accessories. You can store cereal in one tub and chips in another. Place cooking utensils in one tub and baking supplies in another. Because the tubs are clear you can easily find what you need.

Arrange Your Cabinets By Item

Another option for organizing your pantry is arranging by food type. For example, you can place cans in one area, boxes in another and bags on another shelf. Next separate each food type by individual product. Canned corn is placed in one line and canned green beans in another.

Draw a Map

One of the easiest ways to organize your kitchen is by drawing a map. You can specify what is in each cabinet and drawer. Take the map a step further by placing smaller maps on the inside of each cabinet door. You can also place lists of all the different items in a cabinet and attach a sticky pad to note items that need to be replaced.