Kitchen Faucet Parts Explained

If you are replacing all or part of your kitchen faucet, knowing what all of the kitchen faucets parts are, is a huge help. And while some kitchen faucet parts may be fairly self-explanatory, some of them may be a bit harder to figure out.


Gaskets (or O-rings) make sure that the faucet’s joints are watertight. Gaskets can either be rubber or metal.

Escutcheons and Flanges

These are installed behind or under your faucet in order to cover the hole for the pipe or valve.

Aerators and Adaptors

These kitchen faucet parts are attached to the actual faucet in order to alter the flow of the water, making them more environmentally sound.

Handles, Levers and Controls

These are used to turn the taps on and off.

Faucet Stems

These are perhaps the best known of all the kitchen faucet parts and are usually attached directly to the sink. The water flows out of the end of the faucet stem.


Washers are used to attach the aerator to the faucet stem.

Stem Screws

Stem screws, also known as bibb screws, attach the washers to the end of the faucet stem.