Kitchen Faucet Water Filter Maintenance

Having a kitchen faucet water filter is a great option to install if you would like easily accessible and thoroughly clean water in your kitchen. Because the filters are used pretty frequently, it is important to properly check the filter and replace it as necessary. Read the following additional information about how to care for your kitchen filter.

Knowing When to Replace Your Filter

Kitchen faucet water filters feature removable cartridges that provide filtration. These cartridges need to be changed approximately every 2 to 3 months. Some models and brands offer a bypass feature which allows you to get unfiltered water from the faucet when you aren't using the water for drinking purposes. This feature extends the life of the filter as the filter is used less often.

Replacing Your Filter

Some kitchen faucet water filters feature an electronic notification system which alerts you when it is time to change the filter. When it comes time to actually change the filter, clear instructions will be provided by the manufacturer and accompany the filter. Typically, changing out the filter is a very simple process which can be done in just a few minutes. All you need to do is unscrew or twist off the filter housing, pull out the old filter, drop in a new one and close the housing back up. It is advised that once you have installed the new filter, you allow the system to flush for a full 5 minutes to activate the filter and remove any carbon dust.

Replacing the filter is the most important step in the maintenance process. Faucet filters help to reduce mercury, lead, asbestos, sediment and chlorine quantities that can contaminate tap water and pose dangers to your health when it is used for drinking or cooking.