Kitchen Island Design Ideas for Smaller Spaces

Versatile kitchen island designs for smaller spaces primary cater for areas that can’t accommodate a standard island, but that need its benefits most. Kitchen islands are extremely popular not only because they provide extra storage space and a larger working area, but they also allow for freer flowing traffic and add a touch of class to any kitchen.

Cooking At The Table

If your kitchen is really small, a cooking table might be the answer for you. These tables have an incorporated cooking top which folds up after cooking to become a dining surface.

Meals On Wheels

A portable cart which can be rolled away after use is another way to add space when using the kitchen. This can house items and ingredients which you use frequently when cooking, or if no young children live in the house it can hold your detergents and house cleaners. It can also be used as a bar when entertaining.

Extra Cupboard

If you have some extra space to the end of a counter top you can attach a small cupboard referred to as a peninsula. The top can double up as a breakfast nook or where you do your household planning. The cupboard will provide much needed storage space.

Drop Table

A small drop table permanently attached to the wall and which can be closed when not needed, will also provide a working surface or a place where a child can do his/her homework.


Instead of a peninsula you can add a pantry to the end of a counter top. There are many on the market at various sizes and prices. Pantries have innumerable shelving of all sizes and depth which also slide out, thus providing much of the storage space you need.

Use All Space

The inside of cabinet doors can be used to hang utensils and all those miscellaneous items you may have in the kitchen.

Illusion vs. Reality

The way you plan your kitchen including which colors to use, is of vital importance because everything cleverly thought out helps to give the illusion of space. This won’t hold your pots and pans but it will help you psychologically not to feel hemmed in. Some things to consider are use of light colors for cabinets and walls, and larger floor tiles. Strategic lightening also helps to give the illusion of space.

Hanging Islands

Wall cupboards can play the role that islands do, so it makes sense to use the walls to hang cupboards as they house a lot amount of clutter like kitchen utensils you don’t use, preserved goods, and anything you may or may not use on a daily basis.

A small kitchen can be a challenge to your sense of creativity, but don’t give up because there is plenty of information around, that will really help. Smaller appliances are available to fit any kitchen size and prices range from moderate to really expensive to suit everyone’s budget. You might consider taking an expert’s advice as part of the overall cost towards renovating or planning your kitchen from scratch. This would ensure that your kitchen design would take care of all the space you need for ample storage and any appliances you might have.