Kitchen Pot Racks: Mounted or Hanging?

Copper pots hanging from a pot rack
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Kitchen pot racks offer efficiency and ease of access and storage. They are the smartest solution to save counter and cabin space in a stylish way. A pot rack is a hanger for pots and pans, and it comes in a variety of materials: wrought iron, chrome, copper, brass and wood. Moreover, they come in a variety of designs, shapes and sizes.

However, there are four types of pot racks: the hanging and mounted pot racks, which are amongst the most employed, and lighted and standing pot racks, which are less known. In smaller kitchens, pot racks are generally mounted against the wall to save space, but in larger kitchens they are usually hanging from the ceiling above an island.

1. Hanging Kitchen Pot Racks

ceiling mount pot rack in large kitchen

This is one of the most fashionably contemporary options. They are hung from your kitchen ceiling by use of bolted chains. Such racks generally have a square shape and four chains to help support and balance the suspended rack. Hanging pot racks are generally employed in larger kitchens hanging over an island, with the pots and pans being hung around the perimeter of the rack, thus being very handy and helpful to your efficiency while cooking. Some hanging pot racks also have an incorporated grid that will allow you to adjust the hooks in any formation you like in addition to adding extended storage capacity. Moreover, hanging kitchen pot racks offer the opportunity of adding light fixtures to the actual rack. This means you can use the chains of your kitchen rack to add another light in your kitchen.

2. Wall-Mounted Kitchen Pot Racks

Wall-mounted kitchen pot racks are mounted to the wall, which means the backside of the rack will be leaning against the wall. When using mounted pot racks keep in mind you will only have one side available for hanging your pots. However, these pot racks can swivel. That is, a hinge is attached into the side of the rack so it can move away from the wall. Most of the time, wall-mounted pot racks have either a semi-circular or a square shape, and some of them may have an extra top shelf or even fold up when not in use.

3. Choose the Right Style For Your Kitchen

wall mount pot rack and shelf

Kitchen pot racks unite function and fashion by creating a tidy and organized display and storage facility of your cooking utensils at a reasonable height. Wall-mounted pot racks come in a square or circular shape with a single or double rail. They are generally positioned between or below kitchen cabinets at a close range to the cooking area. On the other hand, hanging pot racks can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging between plain and hugely decorative styles. They are generally positioned above the kitchen peninsula or island close to the cooking area.

The main difference between these two types of pot racks is that the hanging pot rack is meant for a larger room, while mounted pot racks are more of a traditional means in smaller kitchens. Having a hanging rack in a small kitchen may result in an overcrowded room and might make the room look even more cluttered and smaller than it actually is.

Although hanging pot racks are considered to be more stylish and in line with contemporary fashion, wall-mounted racks will also bring a decorative flair to your kitchen without having to deal with height problems.

Kitchen pot racks are a storage facility meant to create efficiency and order in your kitchen. So the most important thing to keep in mind is the final setting and the actual size of your kitchen. Remember that large hanging pot racks may be more disruptive in a small kitchen, while wall-mounted pot racks may fit nicely in every kitchen possible, whether contemporary or rustic.