Kitchen Remodeling Cost: What Items to Consider

Modern kitchen
  • 10-300 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 5,000-50,000

Budgeting a kitchen remodeling cost requires you to consider and factor in a number of different items. From the cabinets to the flooring, you will have to choose each carefully in order to stay in your budget. Read the information below as to what items you should take into consideration before you begin your remodeling project and how each can help to improve your home's value.

The items below are the key expenses in a kitchen remodel and should be carefully considered before you begin the project.

1. Cabinets

In your kitchen remodel project, you have the option of either refinishing your cabinets or buying new ones. Refinishing your current cabinets is more cost-effective, however, they should be replaced if they are worn and damaged. Note that entirely replacing your cabinets will add value to your home, making the return on your investment worthwhile in the long run.

2. Countertops

Kitchen countertop

Countertop choice will be one of the larger expenses in the project. Materials such as granite or marble are quite costly, but can easily increase the value of the home greatly. Corian and laminate countertops are inexpensive and relatively durable, however, they offer no benefit in the home resale value.

3. Appliances

When it comes to appliances, replacing them could become a large expense. Replacing certain appliances, such as countertop stoves and stainless steel appliances, will be expensive but they can offer a benefit in your home's overall resale value.

4. Flooring

Kitchen with island

The cost of flooring can vary somewhat depending on material and the size of the floor space in the kitchen. In general, however, inexpensive flooring will not offer a significant savings compared to the more expensive materials. So, consider choosing a higher quality wood or tile flooring as both offer durability and will add increased value to your home.