Kitchen Sink Sprayer Leaking? 4 Common Problems

washing hands using kitchen faucet

The kitchen sink sprayer may start leaking for a number of reasons. You probably will not know that your kitchen sink is leaking until the day you come home to find water rushing out from below. You must first identify the cause of the leakage; only then can you attempt to fix the problem. Identifying the cause is not such a big task. This is something you can do for yourself without incurring unnecessary costs of calling a plumber to inspect your drainage system.

1. Clogged Drain Pipes

Clogging of pipes is a major cause of leakage in the sink. If the water does not flow out easily, then you have to check the drainage pipes. The sink trap may be full of food that has not dissolved yet or solid items negligently dropped down the drain. Such items will not pass through the trap since it has very minute holes. It is advisable to avoid pouring some liquid substances down your sink. Thick liquids, such as grease, will not easily drain down your sink. Try to unclog the drainage by use of chemical dissolving agents. You can purchase the dissolving agents at your local drug store.

Alternatively, use a pipe snake to direct water at high pressure to force out the solid materials that are stuck in the drain pipes. You may also clear the blockage by removing the sink trap and clearing whatever is at the bottom of the plug. As a last resort, when all the above interventions fail to unclog the pipes, take apart the pipes and remove whatever is clogging them.

2. Leaking Faucet

using a spray hose to clean food in a sink

Water may leak because of broken seals in the pipes underneath the sink. You can easily confirm this by turning on the faucet water on the spray hose. Water will leak from around the base. In this case, you will need to replace the seals to solve the problem. This will mean taking the pipes off completely and putting on new seals.

You may also need to check on the washers. The washers could be worn out, or even be the wrong size for the tap. Poor installation of the washer may also cause a leakage.

3. Broken Spray Hose

A broken spray hose may also be a source of leakage. Tiny cracks or tears caused by overstretching the hose will cause leakage whenever you turn on the taps. To solve this problem, you need to purchase a new hose pipe. The hose pipe may also cause a leak due to a kink at the point where it attaches to the faucet. To solve this problem, stretch out the hose pipe to allow water to flow freely.

4. Mineral Buildup

Another cause of water leaks on the kitchen sink sprayer is mineral build up. This occurs especially where hard water is in regular use. Minerals in the water, such as calcium, easily perforate the sprayer’s disc causing water to leak from the sprayer. This is a very common problem in many areas with hard water.