Kitchen Tile: How to Seal Glass Tile Grout

Whether or not grout around glass tile in a kitchen requires sealing is a subject of hot debate. Many tile installers insist it is not necessary, because grout that has properly set will resist water effectively. Some grouts will discolor without sealing, but some grout sealants cloud glass tile as they dry, ruining the sparkling finish. Learn more below about sealing glass tile grout and decide for yourself if you need to do it.

Why Seal Glass Tile Grout

If the glass tile forms a backsplash behind the kitchen sink, where it will constantly be splashed with hot, cold, clean and dirty water, all light-colored grout should be sealed to maintain its color and clarity. Seal glass tile grout if you live in a very dry climate, too, to prevent it from flaking away from the tiles.

Why Not Seal Glass Tile Grout

On a closely set glass mosaic, sealing the tile grout will cloud the tiles, destroying their ability to reflect light, and ruining the mosaic's artistic effect.

How to Seal Glass Tile Grout

Use a sealer recommended for glass tiles, and apply it only to the grout lines with a slim-bristled art paintbrush. Wipe sealer off the glass tiles with a soft sponge and hot water, immediately upon contact.