Kitchen Trends for 2020

a group of brightly colored open cupboards

Like the rest of the design world, kitchen trends are always changing. Here are some trends you can expect to see popping up in 2020 and beyond.

Colorful Cabinets
a row of cabinets on wheels with different blue and green colored doors

For the past few years, white surfaces have dominated, but color is officially making a comeback in 2020. Bright and bold cabinetry is set to be a popular style in the new year.

Design experts predict that different shades of green will be particularly popular for cabinets. Bright Kelly, subtle mint, and even somber olive should be all the rage. For those who aren’t keen on green, dark blue lower cabinets are in style, too.

Removable Wallpaper
a man laying out striped temporary wallpaper

In 2020, you don’t have to commit to one wallpaper that will be tough to change out when you’re in the mood for a new look. This is thanks to the uptick in production and popularity of removable wallpaper. Go for bold patterns and colors with confidence using this easy to install and remove home accessory.

These peelable, adhesive wall coverings that can easily be installed in your kitchen are a trend worth getting behind. Besides the convenience of this wallpaper, it’s also very accessible—major stores like Anthropolgie are selling it—and it’s also pretty cost effective.

Sustainable Materials
kitchen table and chairs with natural materials

The green movement will be as alive as ever in 2020, encouraging sustainable materials to become bigger staples in household kitchens. Studies show strong majorities of consumers, especial younger buyers, are increasingly willing to shell out more cash for goods produced in environmentally friendly ways.

For that reason, kitchen items such as cabinets constructed from eco-sensitive materials will gain popularity in the next calendar year. Bamboo is becoming a major go-to, as are recycled and otherwise repurposed materials.

Glass Cabinetry
glass cabinets in a bright kitchen

This trend is more of a revival, as glass cabinets were popular back in the 90s. Experts believe that 2020 will bring this trend back to life due to the increased focus on simplicity and organization in kitchens. Minimalism and transparency are increasingly valuable to homeowners looking to limit clutter, improve workflow, and showcase their favorite items.

Smart Devices
woman cutting peppers in a kitchen with a smart speaker

The world of technology continues to rule in 2020, as smart kitchen devices grow steadily more prevalent.

Whether they’re reading recipes, allowing users to easily add items to their grocery lists, setting a timer for what’s in the oven, or diagnosing appliance issues, these devices make life in the kitchen easier than ever.

Mixed Metals
metal surfaces in a kitchen

Using different metals for the hardware that adorns your cabinets, drawers, and plumbing will be a big 2020 trend, opening up opportunities to craft both contrast and cohesion with your design choices.

Metals that will remain popular are cool brushed nickel, copper, and brass. Rose gold, which has been quite hot lately, will begin to fade as a widespread choice for kitchens. Black matte hardware will be a favorite choice for faucets.

Darker Appliances
kitchen with dark appliances and cabinets

Stainless steel appliances have been on the up-and-up for quite some time, but darker appliances will have their moment in the sun in 2020. In fact, black stainless steel appliances are already present in around 10 percent of updated kitchens. Dark stoves, refrigerators, and other appliances add drama to a space and can act as a statement piece.

If you opt to outfit your kitchen in dark appliances, keep in mind that brands may offer slightly different hues. It would be wise to stick to one brand if you’re going this route to stay away from those subtle—but noticeable—differences.

Quartz Countertops
Quartz Countertops

Already popular in 2019, this trend appears to be here to stay, for now. Quartz countertops will continue their reign, allowing homeowners to skip the sealing and scrubbing.

The low maintenance and shimmering look of quartz remain appealing enough to keep these counters comfortably in style for 2020. They also have versatility on their side, as their neutral colors make them easy to pair with the brightly colored cabinetry mentioned above.

Extended Backsplashes
kitchen with extended blue backsplash

Backsplashes have been on the forefront of kitchen trends for the past few years, and in 2020 they'll only get bigger—literally.

This year will bring the popularity of backsplashes that extend past the traditional square footage. Instead of staying in their designated “between the counter and bottom of the cabinet” range, they'll expand their horizons dramatically, with some homeowners raising their backsplash borders all the way up the ceiling. This redesign can make a bold, cohesive focal point for your kitchen's design.

stylish kitchen with dark finish

Trendy styles are ever-changing. Keep an open mind and consider making some upgrades to your kitchen this year. And don't forget to plan ahead to keep your costs low.