Kits for Bathroom Cabinets

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Bathroom cabinets provide storage space for many necessary household items. They are also an important part of bathroom décor. Properly selecting your bathroom cabinets is important because cabinetry a critical element of any bathroom. Bathroom cabinet kits are great solutions for extra storage space. They are quick and easy to install.

Over-the-Toilet Kits

You can purchase an over-the-toilet bathroom cabinet kit at most home improvement stores. These kits usually include a cabinet, hardware, and molding or trim work. They are easy to assemble and can be attached to the wall behind the toilet. They are great for storing soaps, shaving supplies, medicine, and other bathroom items.

Free Standing Bathroom Cabinet

Home improvement stores also carry freestanding bathroom cabinets that run vertically to the ceiling. These bathroom cabinets are easy to assemble, and they add extra style to the bathroom. There are usually several cabinet doors with open shelving. You can add towels to the open shelving and hide your toiletries in the cabinets.