Kleer Drain

Kleer Drainis a unique product manufactured by a company known as MAG Manufacturing, which serves the primary purposes of opening up clogged drains instantly. This is the product of a private company that has been in production for four decades. Today, Kleer Drain is an international product, easily available at home improvement stores around the world.

How Does Kleer Drain Work?

Kleer Drain is quite different from other products that are designed to open up clogged drains. The principle of working of this product is air burst technology. There is a carbon dioxide cartridge that is used with the product. When a drain is to be opened, the cartridge is attached to the product which is then placed directly over the drain. There is a handle that is then pushed, which pierces the carbon dioxide cartridge and releases the gas into the drain. Due to the sudden burst of this gas into the drain, the drain gets unclogged.

The product can easily be used with different kinds of drains, whether they are drains in bathtubs or toilets, sinks or showers or even drains that are present outside the house. The product does its job without burdening the environment in any way because all that it does is to release the gas. The cartridges are easily available for refill. There are also some power disks available as accessories which can increase the power of the product.

Many Internet stores and retailers store Kleer Drain. You may also be able to get this product at your local hardware store. Cartridges can be purchased from these same outlets at any time.