Knot Garden Designs

Knot gardens, first developed in the United Kingdom during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, are formally designed symmetrical gardens that generally are made up of culinary herbs and aromatic plants. Today modern knot gardens include vegetables or any plants you desire, but to be considered a knot garden, they typically adhere to either simple or intricate geometric designs that make them more alluring than a traditionally planted row garden.

Why Knot Gardening

The concept behind knot gardening is really to create some interesting patterns and shapes with your plants to make them more intriguing to look at. Though traditionally made with various shrubs and lavender variations native to England, the nice thing about knot gardens today is that they can contain any kind of plant, including vegetables, annuals, perennials, herbs, grasses and even small trees.

Often planted in circular patterns with a geometric shape inside, knot gardens can be any design that you can imagine and create with your plants. There is no one right and wrong way to make a knot garden. Most knot gardens display contrasting colors and are made to resemble the interwoven threads of the Celtic knot that they were originally designed to depict.

Creating a Knot Garden

Before you begin the actual planting of your knot garden, you need to sketch it out on paper and decide where everything will be placed. The first thing you should do is measure your space and create a grid pattern where the garden will be planted. Next you will need to select plants that will fit into this space that you have allotted. You will need to take into account the mature size of your plants when planning the garden and not the size of starter vegetables or young plants you may purchase.

Most nice knot gardens are created around some centerpiece in the garden. If you have a focal point it will be easier to design your garden around it. You will then want to select a garden design. You can either design something yourself or look in a book or look online for some easy knot garden design ideas. There are many suggestions available that can help you create a stunning garden that will be the talk of your neighborhood.

One great thing about knot gardens beyond their look, is that because the plants are so closely spaced, it provides a great opportunity for planting things that naturally protect each other from insects as well as those plants that help to pollinate other plants. Look for combinations of plants that work well together when planting your garden.  You will want both visually appealing results and plants that will be healthy and grow in the environment of a knot garden.  

Creating a knot garden can add style to your yard. If you are interested in creating one, be sure to do the proper planning ahead of time to really make a stylish knot garden. Look for design ideas and select complimentary plants to pair together for the best results.