Knowing Shovel Handle Types

A shovel is a common landscaping tool. It can be used for many different projects and is indispensable when planting trees, or creating walkways. However, there are times when the shovel handle will need to be replaced. Here is a quick listing of three different shovel handle replacement types.

U-Shaped Handle

In shovel handles, this is the most common type. The U-shaped shovel handle is has a straight part that you warp your hand around, but has a U shape going towards the shovel body. This type of handle is great for heavy workloads and keeping your hand in a comfortable position.

Straight Handle

This type of shovel handle is basically a straight horizontal line that is connected directly to the shovel body. This handle is mostly used for compact shovels that are needed for areas where there is not a lot of room. This handle may also be straight without any type of grip to it at all.

Bent Handle

This type of shovel handle is ergonomically designed to help you life heavier loads. It is most common in snow shovels where you are constantly lifting heavy loads of wet snow. They are also great for sliding the shovel along the ground as a sort of plow.