Knowing the Different Varieties of Columbine Flowers

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The Columbine flower is an easily maintained plant that comes in almost every color. The flower blooms sometime between spring and early summer. The most popular varieties of Columbine are the state flower of Colorado, the Rocky Mountain Columbine, and the McKana Columbine, which comes in practically every color.

Aquilegia Caerulea

The Aquilegia is commonly known as the Rocky Mountain Columbine and is native to Colorado. It is a very delicate flower available in white and blue or pink and yellow. Due to over picking, the flower is now almost extinct in the wild.

Barlow Varieties

The Blue Barlow Columbine is a purple-tinged flower with shaggy-looking double flowers. Another variety of Barlow columbine, the Black Barlow, is a dark purple-black blossom often referred to as "Black Beauty." This particular variety prefers sun more than most other columbines. The Nora Barlow is also a double flower, it often resembles a Dhalia and is a beautiful red-pink flower.

Aquilegia McKana

The McKana Columbine is a perfect contrast for rocks or wildflowers. The giant variety can stretch as much as 3" across and can reach of height of 30" tall. The McKana is prized in dried flower arrangements as well due to its rainbow of colors.