Knowing the Different Varieties of Parsnips

Parsnips, a relative of the carrot, come in different varieties with different qualities to add to your dinner table.

All America

The All America parsnip is one that is going to have white flesh and a small inner core. While it might be smaller, this means it has a richer flavor. The roots of the All America are about 1 foot long. This variety will be ready to harvest in 120 days.

Harris Model

The Harris Model parsnip has 10 to 12-inch long roots and the white flesh doesn’t have many roots that branch off. Sweet and thick, the Harris Model is one that will be ready to harvest in 120 days, though waiting until after the first frost intensifies the sweetness.

Hollow Crown

The Hollow Crown parsnip has roots up to one foot long and is tapered from top to bottom. The parsnip is free of roots and this parsnip is ready to harvest in 105 days. Its flesh is whitish and the outside can be a faint brown color.

The different kinds of parsnips may not vary much in taste or appearance, but they offer a stronger flavor than carrots, making them a worthy addition to recipes.