Knowing the Regulations for Installing a New Bathroom

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A new bathroom is an exciting DIY project for any homeowner. The bathroom can completely change the look and feel of your house. It's very important that you understand the regulations for installing new bathrooms so that everything can be constructed to code.

Regulations ensure that the bathroom is safe. Bathrooms can be dangerous because they use both water and electricity. By installing your bathroom according to building standards, you can improve safety while reducing the risk of your building not complying with new building standards.

Use of the Room

Consider the use of your bathroom. Different types of bathroom have different regulations. The different rooms will also have very different functions. If you're designing a family bathroom, then you need to install the bath, basin, shower, and toilet according to code.

For a downstairs cloakroom, you will only have to position the shower and toilet. If you are short on space, then you will be able to fit the shower over the bath. It's also important to consider storage requirements. You may want to consider replacing your standard radiator using a towel warmer.

Understanding Regulations

Before you can understand how the regulations will affect you, it is important to determine exactly what is required regulations vary by the work. Learn about these regulations in advance in order to reduce the effects on your budget and schedule. Safety is the most important thing to consider.

Building Regulations

Abide bathroom building regulations. Bathroom regulations differ from state to state. En-suite bathrooms are only possible as secondary bathrooms. A downstairs cloakroom or full bathroom should not be positioned next to the lounge, kitchen, or dining room.


Some form of external ventilation is also required to remove odors and steam from the room. An extractor fan is a form of external ventilation, as is an opening window. If you don't already have a window where you are building your new bathroom, then you will need to fit an extractor fan to reduce the risk of mildew. The extractor can either be mounted in an external wall or vented through the crawl space.


New bathroom building regulations focus heavily upon the environment and improving efficiency. All manufacturers of bathroom equipment will need to state the water consumption of their fittings.


Bathroom building regulations can be confusing. That's why you might find it easier to hire a professional.