Knowing Your Rockwool Insulation Fire Rating

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Rockwool insulation is very popular because it's such a good insulator. It's available in a number of different fire ratings that will make your home much more energy-efficient without sacrificing any safety features. If you're not careful you'll end up installing insulation that will not be able to cope with fire. This will be very dangerous because it could quite easily catch on fire.

Importance of Fire Ratings

Everyone understands the importance of fire ratings when choosing furniture. However, very few people ever bother to look at them when choosing their home insulation. Even though the insulation will be encased in brickwork it's still important to check the fire rating on it. If the insulation isn't up to coping with fire then this will allow a fire to spread very easily and quickly.

Fire ratings are very important because they will prevent the fire from spreading. The higher the fire rating the longer it will cope with extreme temperatures.

Rockwool insulation is also known as fiberglass insulation. Although this isn't thought of as something that's normally flammable, under the right conditions it can and will burn very well. That's why you must learn about the fire ratings before choosing which one to purchase.

Researching Fire Ratings

The fire ratings of various brands of Rockwool insulation is very easy. The fire rating should be clearly marked on the package and any material included with the insulation. It's important that you check the fire ratings before deciding which brand to purchase.

Fiberglass insulation should be coated with special chemicals which will make them fire-resistant. These chemicals are designed as a way to prevent the fire from spreading within the walls and insulation of the home. The chemicals used are similar to the chemicals used in furniture. If these chemicals are not applied then the insulation could be dangerous.

Buying Quality

Cheaper brands of Rockwool insulation are normally made using lower-quality materials. These will not be as safe which means they will not have a high-quality fire rating. You should choose reliable and recognized brands that are safe and easy to use. Avoiding the cheaper brands can make sure that your insulation is much safer.

If you're not sure which insulation to choose then you should ask for help.