Koi Pond Construction Mistakes You Can Avoid

When thinking about your koi pond construction, there are a few things to take into consideration before, during, and after you complete the project.  By using these careful planning and building techniques, you can avoid getting stuck in one of the common koi pond construction traps.

Mistake 1 – Avoid a Small Pond

koi fish need plenty of room to move and grow.  One of the most common mistakes is creating a pond that is too small for the fish to really be comfortable.  When designing your pond, take into consideration the needs of the fish you will be housing and their minimum requirements to thrive.

Mistake 2 – Ineffective Locations
Placing your pond close to home is an excellent way to make sure that it is enjoyed.  Keep in mind that the koi habitat is finicky, and it won’t tolerate the addition of run-off that might contain fertilizer or other chemicals.  Direct sunlight should also be an element of placement, as koi need at least 4 hours of direct sunlight to thrive.

Mistake 3 – Too Little Liner

The liner is an expensive part of the project, so calculate the correct size and style before you leave for the store.  Measure the length and width of the pond.  Then multiply the maximum depth by 4.  Add the two numbers together, allowing for an overlap of one to two feet.  The total number is how much liner you need for your pond.