K-Style Gutter End Cap Installation Tips

A gutter end cap is the fitting that closes the end of your roof gutters. You will place the end caps at the highest points on the gutter system to ensure proper drainage. Choose a cap with the correct diameter to fit your gutters. Plan the gutters out beforehand to determine the correct number of caps. There are several types of gutter end caps. Depending on the model, it may be crimped, molded, or riveted into place.

Work Gutter End Cap onto Gutter

Regardless of the fastening method, the first step in the installation process is joining the pieces. Place the back end of the cap over the back end of the gutter. Slowly and firmly push the bottom of the cap on, followed by the front face. This is a difficult and physically demanding task. You are pushing together two irregularly shaped pieces of metal along a very narrow joint. Mastery of this skill requires practice.

Fasten Cap

Bend the cap on using the crimping tool, or fasten it into place with a rivet gun.

Seal Joint

Seal the seam between end cap and gutter. Use a caulking gun to lay a bead of silicone or polyurethane sealant.