K-Style Gutter Guards: 2 Best Options

Gutter guards are important components to any gutter and downspout system. They are especially important since they help to prevent the accumulation of debris, leaves and other falling pieces. You don't want these getting trapped in your gutter system. Once debris is trapped within the gutter system, your flow of rainwater is severely hampered, and it will not run off and away from the home. K-style gutter guards offer low material and installation costs and are therefore one of the top consumer choices.

Hinged K-Style Gutter Guards

You can generally purchase the hinged gutter guard in 3- and 4-foot sections. They come with two to four stainless steel clips. In order to install them, all you need to do is clamp the clips onto the front part (bead) of the gutter. The screens just lay on the roof, and the hinges clamp it in place. You don't need any fasteners or tools to install this type of gutter guard. The hinged gutter guard comes in copper, steel and aluminum.

Drop-In K-Style Gutter Guards

The name really does say it all with this type of gutter guard system. The drop-in K-style gutter guard also does not require any fasteners or tools. They simply drop right into place. Looking upwards from the ground, you will see that these types of gutter guards are virtually invisible to the eye. This gutter guard system is economical and can fit into almost any budget.