K-Style Gutters vs Half-Round Gutters

A house with gutters.
  • 8-40 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 1-2,500

K-style gutters and half-round gutters are basic types of gutters used today. Not only are these two types of gutters very effective, but they are also easy to install, maintain and clean. If you are planning to do some home improvements, you should consider using either of these two types of gutters.

The K-style Gutter

The majority of homes in the United States use the k-style gutter instead of the half-round type. K-style gutters mimic the colonial style crown molding and fit well into modern homes. Unlike half-round gutters that curve like a semi-circle, the k-style gutters are flat on one side. The flat side of the gutter can be nailed directly into the fascia board.

To k-style gutters are available in different lengths and sizes. You buy k-style gutters as pre-cut or whole length. Pre-cut k-style gutters can be assembled and joined at the seams with connectors and sealants while whole length k-style gutters can be cut at the site so you can fit the entire length of your roof with a seamless gutter system.

Seamless k-style gutters have many advantages over gutters with seams. First, a seamless k-style gutter is not as prone to leaking as a gutter with seams. Note that seams improperly sealed leak so water can come inside your home and flood your basement.

Installing a seamless k-style gutter is not as labor-intensive as installing a gutter with seams. Unlike the pre-cut gutters which come in several short pieces, the seamless gutter only has a few long gutter pieces so you need not spend so much time assembling the gutter, tightening the screws and applying sealants at the seams.

A seamless gutter is easier to clean and maintain compared to a gutter with seams. The only big disadvantage of seamless k-style gutter is that unlike the pre-cut gutter which you can replace piece by piece, you will need to replace the whole length of the gutter even if only a portion of it is damaged.

Both seamless and pre-cut k-style gutters come in different colors so make sure that the color of your gutter matches with the rest of your home.

Half-round Gutters

Half-round gutters work best for homes with rounded roof lines as well as those homes which are made of copper and steel. Compared to k-style gutters, the half-round gutters are not as popular because of their overall designs and price. Half-round gutters come with a single side as well as double side curled top outer edge which makes it more suitable for older homes with more expensive designs.

Moreover, the more complicated design of half-round gutters makes it more costly to install compared to the typical k-style gutters. Half-round gutters must be installed using special types of hanger brackets and threaded rods that can be a bit more costly than the hanger brackets used to install k-style gutters.

Like the k-style gutters, half-round gutters are also available in pre-cut and whole length pieces. Half-round gutters also come in different colors and sizes to meet your needs.