The Pros and Cons of Laminate Basement Flooring

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The use of laminate flooring in houses is extremely popular in recent years. Laminate basement flooring has both pros and cons. This type of flooring consists of a base layer such as plywood, which is followed by a layer of heat, moisture, and shock-absorbant material. The bottom layers are then covered over by a decorative laminate layer.

Pros of Using Laminate Basement Flooring

Laminate flooring of all types is extremely versatile and easy to install. It comes in a huge variety of designs from imitation wood to tile and other looks that you may enjoy. It is fairly inexpensive when compared to the real hardwood floor or tile. It can also be replaced in individual sections if necessary, rather than replacing the entire basement floor.

Cons of Using Laminate Basement Flooring

A major problem with laminate basement flooring lies in its lack of durability. Basements tend to be rough and tumble areas. If a piece of laminate flooring is scratched or gouged in any major way that you would want to fix, the whole section will need to be replaced. That is because you cannot sand and refinish laminate basement flooring like you could wood or concrete.